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Inclusive learning support

NSW public schools are well prepared to support students with disability and additional learning and support needs and staff are ready to answer your questions.

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Supporting student learning at Rouse Hill High School - a compacted curriculum school

At Rouse Hill High School we utilise an inclusion model based on providing a Least Restrictive Environment. We apply an assumption of success with support offered on an 'as needed' basis by members of our Learning and Support Team. 

In the mainstream setting this support includes:

  • working closely with students, parents and staff to discuss advice from external professional to craft Personalised Learning and Support Plans (PLaSP)
  • utilising our School Learning and Support Officers (SLSO's) to assist with small group and/or whole class learning
  • providing small group interventions led by highly qualified and experienced Learning and Support Teachers (LaST's) to help students access the curriculum
  • working with staff to provide modifications and provisions in assessments, examinations and classroom-based learning to cater for documented individual students' learning needs
  • delivering valuable information to parents and carers on how to support our students as learners via our RHHS Learning and Support Hub

Our students, teachers, support staff, and parents and carers form a powerful team who work together to help our students succeed and grow as responsible, independent learners.

If you have questions about Learning Support at Rouse Hill High School, please contact the school:

  • Main office:
  • Learning and Support Team: